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bitcoin coinBitcoin COINS are all the rage and there are literally thousands of seasoned investors and newcomers chomping at the bit to get their hands on bitcoin coins while the price is still fairly cheap. The recent explosion in the price of BTC, going from under $30 to over $250 before settling down at just over $100 per coin has created a buzz across the internet like no other. But buying bitcoin coins can be a challenge especially for those just starting out. Below is a list of places on the web where you can buy bitcoin coins:

craigslist - what can’t you buy on craigslist? Bitcoin is no different than all the other odds and ends you will find on craigslist. Its a good place to start to see the going rate of btc from local sellers. Of course, the beauty of bitcoin, you don’t have to be local to purchase bitcoin you just have to have a bitcoin wallet!

eBay – eBay is a bit safer place to buy things than is craigslist but you typically to wait out an auction time before getting your hands on your bitcoin plus eBay almost forces their sellers and buyers to accept paypal which can be a risk when purchases electronic goods or in this case currency but still eBay is a quick and easy place to buy bitcoin. is a site designed to connect local bitcoin buyers and sellers together. From this site you should be able to find a bitcoin seller willing to sell you some BTC.

expresscoin provides a fast and easy way to buy bitcoins online. You can choose check, cash deposit, wire transfer or money order as your payment option. Once they receive the payment you will receive bitcoins almost same day is another site similar to that helps buyers and sellers find each other. You can signup and for a small fee, locate a bitcoin seller local to you.

The above mentioned places of buying bitcoin all have some drawbacks and risk involved and on top of that you have to come to an agreement on the price to pay for bitcoin. There are other options for buying bitcoin versus buying them from a local seller. You can buy bitcoin from an exchange. There are several big exchanges and quite a few smaller ones who use a price range determine by the buyers and sellers at the exchange similar to what you pay for stocks or bonds on the New York Stock Exchange. Most of these exchanges are ran from foreign servers and US Citizens face some challenges getting funds into and out of the exchange. Among some of the bigger of these exchanges are: – is not the oldest but certainly one of if not the biggest bitcoin exchange on the internet. You can easily sign-up and get started but getting funds into btc-e to purchase some bitcoin is going to be a challenge. The easiest way is to wire transfer funds via your bank. is one of the oldest bitcoin exchanges and one of the most respected. The signup process is long and convoluted so if your in a hurry, you might want to pass on mtgox but if you have patience then mtgox is one of the better known bitcoin exchanges. Just like most of the exchanges the biggest challenge is getting money into the exchange to buy bitcoin. The easiest way is to do a bank wire transfer. is the only exchange listed so far that is located in the US, Atlanta to be exact. Despite being based in the US, depositing funds into the exchange is still a challenge even for a US citizen. But if you feel safer going the USA route, is a good choice.

Because of the uncertainty of bitcoin and the legalities involved, several bitcoin exchanges have come and gone over the past 6 to 12 months. The 3 listed above are the most trusted exchanges on the web today and I would feel fairly comfortable trading my bitcoin on either of the 3. You can expect to get a fair and consistent price of BTC on either of the 3 listed. is the site to visit for NFL Tickets!


  1. As far as cryptocurrencies go, thius one can’t be beat.

    Althhough the network discovered bugs in the system inn 2010, thhe complications with the restrictions were resolved and Bitcoins began growing in popularity.
    A demo account letts you just do that by allowing you to go online and
    see how an actual forex accoujnt works, and in few cases, doesn.

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